Luxe Experience

The Luxe Experience

We know that choosing your photographer is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the decisions that will be needed to be made in planning a portrait session.  I like to think though that once you have chosen me, that the hardest decision is over with.  Because now you have someone there to help you every step of the way.  My Deluxe Experience is a truly custom process from beginning to end.  It is perfect for those who want and demand a high level of service and quality.

When you call me to inquire about a session you will always hear this question:


Why do I ask this?  Because I can't plan a great session for you unless I know what you want in the end.  And how do I do that?  With Four simple steps that guide you the entire way.  These steps guarantee that you end up with exactly with what you desire when we are done. 

The Consultation

The Session

The Selection Appointment

The Delivery 

 THE CONSULTATION:  Great portrait sessions do not happen by accident.  They need to be thought out and well planned.  At the consultation, we find out what your goals are for the session.  What images are most important to you, what time of year and what look you would like for your portraits.   Then we will move onto what you want to do with your images. 


THE SESSION: At the session, we put all our planning into action and create beautiful images of your family. 


THE SELECTION AND ORDERING APPOINTMENT:  This is the fun part! This is where you get to see exactly what we planned come to life.  


DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION:  Approximately 4 weeks after your Selection and Ordering Appointment I will set up a time with you to deliver your portraits. 


WHAT'S NEXT:  It is my hope that when we are done with this session that you will see the value of planning and develop a long-term strategy for your family's photographic legacy.  We are here to help you make sure that the images you have of your family are as awesome and unique as they are.